Why is Organic so Important?

Why is Organic so Important?

We assume that a lot you do not consider organic food as an option when they decide to go the grocery store.
It is completely logical, because even after so many different books, articles and shows about it, people still don’t want to give it a chance.
If you think that it is not too late to change your mind, we will give you some facts that will maybe “force” you to go and buy something organic.
Do you want to stay healthy or not? If you want, then you should definitely consume organic food, because they contain more nutrients than the conventional one.
If you continue to eat non-organic food you will slowly poison your organism, which is something none of us wants. 

In non-organic food you can find so many different chemicals and you would be surprised once you realize that almost none of these chemicals have been tested for long-term health effects.
That means that officially this food is not safe at all, because no one tested it. Some farmers put pesticides to kill the bugs, which we understand of course, but you probably didn’t know that these pesticides do not kill bugs only, but their soil too.

Since a lot of Americans consume dairy products, meat and other things, well we have to let you know that more than ninety percent of pesticides are found in those products.
Some farmers from the United States even give sex hormones because they want to increase the amount of milk and meat the cattle produce, and of course without feeding it too much.


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