What is organic agriculture and is it controlled?

What is organic agriculture and is it controlled?

Organic agriculture is a way to produce livestock and crops without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, steroids, or other harmful chemicals.

This type of production is holistically designed so that it can improve productivity in plants, soil organisms, livestock, and even for people too. The goal of organic agriculture is to create enterprises that protect the environment. The principles of doing this are quite simple. They are to protect the environment, create longer term soil fertility, keep up with biological diversity, recycle materials, give care to the health of livestock and people, create organic products, and make use of renewable resources.

Organic agriculture promotes the rotation of the crops, the use of green manure and composts, and biological pest control. Those who work in the organic agriculture field use disease-control methods and preventative insect methods to improve the genetics of the organic food.

Regulations for organic agricultural methods are internationally set and legally enforced by many nations. See the standards at: International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM was established in 1972. If farmers want to be considered "organic," they apply for that designation and agree to periodic inspections of their farm and their produce. Passing the inspections gives the farmer the right to label his produce as "organically grown."

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