What can we do to conserve water in our homes?

What can we do to conserve water in our homes?

It has been said that, in the future, wars will not be fought over oil or riches but instead they will be brought over water. It is no secret that, due to man´s irresponsible and unsustainable use of resources, water is becoming less available. Most people are not aware that the earth is made up of 70% water but that only 2.5% of that is fresh water, of which only 1% is available to use since the rest is trapped in snow and glaciers.

Mother Theresa said that even if you feel like a drop in the ocean, the ocean will not be complete without that drop. There are things that we can do to conserve water in our homes. Even though it may seem like it does not add up to much, it is still better than doing nothing. 

Check for leaks

If you were to do the math on how many liters of water per day go down the drain due to a drop-by-drop leak, you would be amazed. Check for leaks on all the taps of your sinks, bathtubs, the shower head, and the intake pipe to the toilet and fix them as soon as possible.

Take effective showers

Don´t we love the sound of the shower before we even step in? This is not a good practice and it throws away gallons of water needlessly. Instead, take short showers and keep the faucet closed while you are washing your hair and body. 

Use water wisely in the garden

Make sure sprinklers spray only on the green area and not on the pavement. If the day is too windy, it is not a good idea to sprinkle your garden or bushes. Adding organic matter to your soil will increase its ability to absorb water and avoid the need to water as often.


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