Fix your soil with poultry organics

Fix your soil with poultry organics

If you plan to have a garden or a farm, it is very important to have quality soil to sow your seeds and grow plants. It is not only the soil that plays a vital role, but it is the fertilizers as well.

Fertility of the soil depends on the potential capacity of the soil to grow the crops. The fertility of the soil also depends on the composition of the soil, type of soil, the climate, and the weather conditions of that region. Nothing can be done by the farmer about these factors.

Certain factors that can be controlled by the farmers are maintaining the texture of the soil by adding organic matter such as manure, compost, and green materials. The farmers can also supply sufficient water through irrigation and watering. 

Due to the increase in population and unavailability of land, it has become difficult to cultivate crops in many parts of the world. The soil fertility has to be maintained in various ways and the quickest method is by using artificial fertilizers, but it is very costly; it damages the soil and also causes pollution if it is not applied properly.

The best method to adopt is to use poultry manure because of its high nitrogen content. An annual application of poultry manure will do wonders and increase the fertility of the soil. The farmers should not feed fresh manure to the tender plants as the fresh poultry manure is hot and it will burn the plans. It is also better to feed the plants with liquid manure. Soak the manure in barrels of water and sprinkling into the soil around the plants.









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