Artificial coloring in nearly half the food marketed for kids

Artificial coloring in nearly half the food marketed for kids

As a parent, you want to be sure that your kids are only eating the best foods. You make sure you choose fresh fruits at the supermarket, you only give them yoghurt that is specially prepared for children and you read the ingredients as much as you can. However, unfortunately the food industry has some very unpleasant surprises for us, as scientists recently discovered.

If you ever imagined that the foods made for kids are healthy, you are completely wrong. Recently, a new published study showed that almost half of the foods that are prepared for children actually contain artificial coloring, and not the healthy kind. The ingredients that are being used are not only coloring the food, but they are also having a negative impact over the behavior and the health of children.

We can easily notice that more and more children need special attention because they have violent tendencies or they simply can’t be controlled by their parents. Doctors are rushing to say that this is because one disease or another, but the answer might be right under our noses. Can we know exactly how damaging these artificial coloring substances are? Unfortunately, no.

You can’t avoid every food in the supermarket and you can’t always cook everything at home, so you need to find a middle ground. Next time you have to buy something from the supermarket for your child, make sure you read all the ingredients, especially the ones that seem to be complicated or have strange names. These are, very often, the ones that the producers are trying to hide; they are counting on the fact that you don’t know what they are so you will buy the product. We need to start being informed. Look up some of the additives on the internet. Our children deserve a healthy and happy life!

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