Does Coffee Affect Diabetes?

Does Coffee Affect Diabetes?

For most early risers, the mandatory cup of coffee each morning almost gives us our sanity for the day. But what about those who can’t drink coffee? It would be horrible to have a health dilemma that prevented you from drinking a caffeinated drink, but could coffee also affect people with diabetes? It’s suggested through studies that people who do not have diabetes may be doing themselves a favor by drinking coffee as it may help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. However, once sweetener is added to coffee, it removes the benefits of diabetes prevention. It can actually increase your risk of developing diabetes.

Short term, caffeine has been shown to increase both glucose and insulin levels. Because of this, people with diabetes should be cautious when consuming coffee. Once condemned as being ‘bad for your health’, there is growing evidence that it may protect against certain kinds of cancers, liver disease, depression, and possibly even Parkinson’s disease.

A compelling research study even shows that increasing your coffee intake may actually lower your risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Though this is good news for those of us who can’t function until we get in our cup of joe, for those who already have type 2 diabetes, coffee could have unfavorable effects.

Caffeine is definitely not the only ingredient in coffee and some of the other ingredients may be responsible for that shielding effect, which was seen in a 2014 study. Also, drinking caffeinated coffee over a long period of time may change its effect on glucose and insulin sensitivity. Tolerance from long-term utilization may be what causes a protective effect.

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