Why you feel anxious a day after you drank alcohol

Why you feel anxious a day after you drank alcohol

Many people like alcohol beverages. Any type of them, in small amounts, is harmless. Drinking a glass or two of beer sometimes are even useful. The problem occurs when we drink too much. Basically, the alcohol in our body ‘’shouts down’’ some parts of our brain, so we think less. This cause us to be happier and more relaxed. The main problems come in the morning. It is a hangover. The common symptoms are nausea, headache and fatigue. In some cases, you may vomit. Beside bodily symptoms, there is anxiety a mood problems. One of them is feeling down.

Anxiety and mood problems can be intense (for some people). They include chest pain, shortness of breath or panic attack. While your body is trying to remove the alcohol from it, two things happen. Blood sugar drops, because the body is using the energy to remove the booze instead of maintaining the healthy sugar levels. Then the inflammation kicks in. Several studies found that latter to mood is linked to memory issues and mood changes. An uptick in certain inflammatory chemical affects on the nervous system. Also, the low blood sugar levels are responsible for nervousness.

Also, alcohol lowers your inhibitions, so you may be worried about your actions from the night you drank. The solution is to drink only a drink or two. You can drink water between your cocktails. In a case if you get too drunks, you should induce vomiting. This will remove the bigger part of alcohol that would be absorbed in your stomach. After a few minutes, you should feel better and the hangover will be less severe.


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