The new HIV vaccine candidates may generate good immune response

The new HIV vaccine candidates may generate good immune response

A new research was carried out to stimulate the potentiality of the immunity system so that the HIV infection gets blocked. Several efforts have been taken for development of a vaccine against HIV so that it can fight off all the strains of virus. The Scripps Research Institute said that the results that they got were very spectacular. At present, many vaccines make use of dead or inactive version of microbes that cause diseases that triggers production of antibodies. Immunisation of HIV proteins have been found to be ineffective in triggering the immunity response due to the ability of HIV to detect the immunity system and it helps in mutation  of new strains.
Many research has been done and a successful vaccine for AIDS and it consists of different proteins called immunogens that can train the body in production of neutralising antibodies. It is nothing but a class of molecules that is used to bind and neutralise all the variants of HIV at global level. The researchers also carried out test of an immunogen called eOD – GT8 60 mer that is responsible for binding and activating the B cells that are needed to fight HIV. By using this technique, two different models can produce an antibody that is called “precursors”. It is known to have some traits that can be used in recognition and blockage of the HIV infection. It is also said that eOD – GT8 60mer can be used in the series of immunisations that takes place against HIV.


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