Is it Okay to Consume Alcohol After Workout?

Is it Okay to Consume Alcohol After Workout?

The idea of having a couple of chilled beers after a long and strenuous workout session could be pretty tempting. However, consuming alcohol especially immediately after the workout session can totally wash out your efforts in the gym. What you need after exercising is a balanced diet and some rest but definitely not the alcohol.

When you are exercising heavily your body discharges lots of sweat causing certain amount of dehydration. You cannot drink lots of water during the exercise session. However, post-workout you need to drink lots of water to make up for the loss. Alcohol, as we all know, dehydrates our body even more. So while it may seem that your body is getting the fluid it needs to hydrate, consuming alcohol after workout may actually dehydrate your body further. 

Working-out helps in removing the toxins from the body by the way of sweat and urine. How urine you may ask? As already mentioned, when you are working out regularly, you are also instructed to drink lots of water. This results in frequent urination, which in turn removes toxins from your body. Alcohol is a form of toxin and hence consuming it after work-out renders the detoxification process useless.

One of the objectives of the workouts is to reduce burn the calories. When you burn the calories, your overall health gets benefitted. However, if you consume alcohol immediately after an exercise session, you will end up consuming more calories than you should. Alcohol has high amount of calories and hence it will not serve your fitness objectives. 


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