How to avoid the underdeveloped penis

How to avoid the underdeveloped penis

Genetics and Hormones:

There are several reasons for which a man can have a small penis. Young men often avoid circumstances that affect the growth of their penis. The body of a man changes during puberty. Genetics or heredity and the supply of hormones are two of the factors that determine the amount of growth of his penis.

As far as the genetic part is concerned, it cannot be influenced. On the other hand, the production of growth inducing hormones can be weakened by factors likes:

• Sickness,
• Excess stress
• Less sleep
• Hard work and
• Malnutrition.

In some cases, these factors can affect the growth of the body and the size of the genitals. As a parent, make sure that your son gets exposure to the best environment for development. Keep an eye on your boy’s daily schedule and pin-point him if he does something wrong

Research has showed some other causes of impotency in men. Scientists have discovered that excess bicycling has resulted in penal failure, genital numbness and even shrinking of the penis.

The main reason is that when a man sits on a cycle, he has his entire body weight concentrated on the perineum. The nerves and blood vessels that feed the penis are funneled through the area. Hence, an impact is created in the artery supplying blood to the penis.

The supply of nutrients and growth hormones is also shut off when the artery is affected. On this occurs continuously, the growth of the penis is affected.


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