Farmers in the UK are still abandoning the organic food sales even though it has recovered since the financial crisis that rocked the world, according to a research which was published on Tuesday.

According to the soil association, which is the main certifying body of organic produce, the sales of organic products bounced back after being hit hard with the recession recording a 4% increase last year to reach 1.86 billion pounds, a figure which it attained back in 2009.

This growth in sales was in line with the trend in the food market which saw prices falling by 1.9% last year and spending by 1.1%.
In a statement, Helen Browning who is the chief executive of the Soil Association said that three years ago commentators had written off the market.

“This reinvigoration may be partly related to an improving economy,” she said. “But feedback from retailers indicates that shoppers are becoming more health-conscious. Now even the discounters are beginning to stock organic ranges.”

Last year Aldi together with Lidl shook up the British food shopping by introducing a range of organic foods which they described as “an affordable everyday low price”. According to research done by the company, it was discovered that British people want organic food but they are usually put off by the high prices that the organic foods are being sold at.

Despite the increase in sales, farmers in the UK are still staying away from organic foods, in fact the number of farmers who produce organic foods in the U.K. fell by almost the same amount which is 3.8%. In addition to that the land which is under organic cultivation in the UK also fell by 5% to 575,349 hectares.


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