12% Children in US Lacking Good Health through Right Nutrition

12% Children in US Lacking Good Health through Right Nutrition

Nutrition plays an important role in deciding the growth of a child. According to a recently conducted survey, about 12 percent children in US are lacking good health through right nutrition. It is really an alarming situation that should be changed. 

However, USA is known for its exclusive child health policies, but a recently conducted survey exposed that about 12 percent of kids throughout the country are struggling for right health. The key reason behind this situation is the lack of nutrition. It is a fact that good health can be grabbed through good nutrition. 

“We need to work on it before it gets worse,” said, James Martin, a child health consultant based in New York. This shocking revealing has exposed heath facilities in the country especially associated with kids. It is really bad news regarding the health system in the USA. 

“Our main objective behind conducting this survey is to highlight the drawback in the health sector, “explained the official at survey company. “We didn’t conduct this survey to gain media attention, or we don’t want to highlight only negative aspect of a coin, but our main motto behind conducting this exclusive survey is to stress on the need of right nutrition for young minds, said John Backer, the CEO at Survey Company. 

Whatever could be the reasons behind the lack of nutrition for US kids, but it is really a shameful condition for the country. We can hope that the responsible authorities will surely consider this issue. We all know the importance of nutrition for young kids to grow properly. 


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