Food, Shelter and Clothing have always been the basic necessities of life. Of these three, food is something that everyone loves. You cannot get enough of it. The very thought of good food brings a smile to ones face. So does healthy eating mean that, we put an end to everything that we like and force ourselves to eat unpalatable food?

Of course, not!!! Eating a healthy balanced diet should only make you feel your best and learning how to eat right is only a simple step towards better health.

The key to eating a healthy diet is to consume the right amount of calories per day. Our meals must include a varied balance of all the food groups. Why just stick only to salads. A proper mix of Proteins, Carbohydrates & Fats will leave you feeling just fine.

It is a good practice to avoid too much of anything. Look out for healthier meal options if possible. Instead of depending on take out or ready to eat preprocessed food, why not challenge yourself to cook something at home. Using fresh natural produce in your cooking will not just make you healthy but would also enhance the flavour of your meals.

With so many shows, channels and websites dedicated to the culinary world, finding a good recipe should not be a problem. So go ahead, try something new and exciting. Gone are the days when healthy eating meant boring and blandfood. Get up and start cooking healthy.


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