How to fight food poisoning?

How to fight food poisoning?

Food when ingested in right quantity and in proper proportion is life. The same food can become fatal if contaminated or mixed with any undesirable additive. Dehydration is the first consequence of food poisoning. In case of food poisoning one should:
• Take rest
• Eat light food
• Drink plenty of water
• Take ORS
• Eat fruits
• Avoid dairy products for a few days
• Avoid alcohol

Food poisoning can be caused by bacteria or viruses. This causes irritation and abnormal gastrointestinal routine. The common bacteria cause food poisoning is Salmonella. Food poisoning can arise from bacteria, animals, fish, mushroom, and peanuts. Now a days chemicals used by farmers are also a cause of food poisoning. In such cases body itself can’t expel the poison and needs doctor help.

How to prevent:
1. Keep the kitchen and surroundings clean
2. Store food materials properly and look into the expiry date in the package
3. Don’t eat wild fruits and as it can turn out to be poison
4. Meat should be properly cooked before consuming.
Good food makes good health. In case of severe unhealthy conditions, one should seek medical help. This happens in case of symptoms like vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and fever.

Neurological conditions like weakness in muscles and blindness are seen in extreme cases of food poisoning. This appears within one hour of having the poisoned food. Immediate medical help should be needed at that time. Otherwise this can lead to cardiac arrest and death due to breathlessness. Food poisoning is a serious issue to be taken care of in any circumstances.

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