Hale and hearty for Life

Hale and hearty for Life

It is very important to keep your weight in check for the sake of your heart. However, to stay thin is not the solution as the food that you eat has a very important role to play. A healthy diet that is heart friendly can reduce your risk of stroke by 80%. If you know what foods to eat then you can have greater control over your health and the quality of life.

Here are some Food tips for a healthy heart.
Do not consume solid fat
Avoid foods like butter or margarine that you add while serving the food. You can flavor your dishes with herbs and lemon rather than using fattening contents like butter for added taste. You can also trim fats from your meat by eating lean proteins instead.

Substitute High fat with Low Fat
You can learn to eat your baked potato with low fat yogurt or salsa dip rather than greasing with butter. You can also use low sugar fruit spread on your whole grain bread rather than eating margarine. These small changes will go a long way in making your food healthy and tastier.

Always check the label
You should always check the labels on your snack. Even the ‘low fat’ versions may be stacked with Tran’s fat which is just as harmful. Another way of saying this is that the foods contain ‘partially hydrogenated’ fat which is just a harmful. Breakfast cereals may also have a lot of fat content so check the labels before you buy.

Make lifestyle changes
Don’t snack on unhealthy food items like chips, instead snack on a fruit or a veggie for a mid day hunger pang. Avoid cooking with too much butter for your own sake.

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