Grandmas Cook Good

Grandmas Cook Good

Grandmas cook good, and that is why most kids want to spend a lot of time at their grandma’s house. The parents of these grandchildren also go to this house whenever they can, too. 

With that being said, a filmmaker by the name of Jonas Pariente is creating a website for the purpose of exposing the great cooking of all grandmas. This was the plan of Jonas as he entered the film business. However, he is heartbroken because he waited too long to truly fulfill his entire dream. This is because his Polish grandmother died not too long ago. However, he was not going to let the same thing happen to his Egyptian grandmother. 

Jonas was able to take pictures and videos of his grandmother cooking some of her favorite dishes. These pictures and videos are then put on a website for all people to see. This make the website very educational, and it will make grandmothers everywhere very happy. 

Jonas is now calling out to the public to create pictures and videos of their grandmother(s), and place them on the website. There is no charge for doing this, and it is absolutely free, too. Jonas is taking donations to keep the website running month after month.

In the near future, Jonas plans to carry this website all over the world. It is his desire to have videos and pictures of grandmothers from every county. This will help people understand the different foods of all of these places, and it will help grandmothers learn how to make more of a variety of dishes. 


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