E-coli Outbreak in February Linked to General Mills Flour

E-coli Outbreak in February Linked to General Mills Flour

The E-coli outbreak was acknowledged by the Federal officials as early as February, but it was only in April that the investigators were able to confirm where the sudden increase of E-coli cases originated. They looked for a common factor and later found out that the outbreak originated from the flour produced at the facility of General Mills in Kansas City, MO.

Reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that at least 38 individuals suffered from the E-coli O21. Ten of them had to be brought to hospital. None of the victims died and no one had to go through hemolytic uremic syndrome.

Prior to the discovery of the outbreak's cause, the CDC and FDA made an effort to seek cooperation from the General Mills, which the latter did not oppose. General Mills recalled Gold Medal Flour, Gold Medal Wondra Flour and Signature Kitchen Flour. Earlier, the preliminary investigation conducted by CDC confirmed the involvement of Gold Medal brand flour by one of the individuals who have been ill because of E-coli.

More proof came out after the federal, the state and local officials carried out further investigations focusing on the information gathered from the victims and the food and establishments they have been exposed to before they became ill. This act only made the evidence stronger that it was really the flour produced at the Kansas City General Mills facility which had to be regarded as the culprit of the outbreak.

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