Simple ways to stay fit sitting at your desk

Simple ways to stay fit sitting at your desk

Most of the people have desk jobs and most of the desk jobs will want you to be at your seat for a minimum of 8-9hours. Although you may not have to do anything, being seated at your desk has its own risks. It can cause a lot of problems like back pain, neck pain. Especially for those working in the IT sector, neck pain and back pain are one of the common wrath they have to go through while doing a desk job. In this article, we give you some simple tips that can help you stay fit while being seated at your desk.

Tip #1: Stretch- Stretching your body will help a long way. You need not have to do any special exercise. You can just walk or march in a place for a few minutes, may be touch your toes or do a set of jumping jacks (ignore what your neighbor thinks. They are not getting healthy being seated while you are).

Tip #2: Take Breaks- Try moving around the workplace every hour. You can just walk towards the furthest place in your office like the rest room, water cooler, your colleague’s desk or anything similar as long as it keeps you moving.

Tip #3: Avoid Phones & Emails- If you have to consult or talk to a fellow colleague, just walk up to his cabin rather than sending him a text message or an email or calling. 
Tip #4: Walk & Talk- You cannot avoid getting phone calls in office while working. Instead of being in a place and talking, start taking a walk until you are done talking over the phone. 



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