Must Try Body Weights Exercises for Men

Must Try Body Weights Exercises for Men

If you are looking at building your muscles there are certain exercises that should be on the top of your list and in this article we will be covering 4 of them.

Swiss Ball Rollout
This exercise helps in creating more tension on your muscles than any other ab move, and as we all know the more tension you have on your muscles the more muscles you will have. In addition to that it also works on your shoulders and might lead to anabolic hormones (such as testosterone) being released by your body, hormones which are known to speed up muscle development.

Prone Back Extension
I would advice that you go for this as opposed to doing a reverse hyper on a machine as these usually doesn’t offer enough tension which is required for serious muscle development. When exercising for muscles there is one thing that you should know and that is the fact that when muscles are put under pressure the stronger they will respond. This exercise is known to provide a huge contraction which is deep and a s a result you will have a stronger healthier lower back.

Suspended Pushups
We all know by know that pushups are very essential when it comes to exercising for muscles. That said adding a bit of challenge, for instance a suspension trainer, can lead to an increase of the stimulus which helps in building muscles. The more difficult you make the pushups the more likely you will be able to develop those beach muscles faster.

Contrary to belief, this is not a triceps exercise although it does help in building great triceps. Dip helps in shaping your shoulders and chest muscles.


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