Dangers Of Sitting Around

Dangers Of Sitting Around

It is a well-known fact that lack of activity can decrease the span of our life. With the introduction of the latest technologies, we have really limited our physical activities. Now teenagers prefer to play on their consoles and smartphones instead of in the park and grounds. In fact, people don’t even go out for shopping that much anymore as they can get everything they need through the internet.

Same is the case with our work life and since it is very difficult for us to manage all our expenses, we are forced to work long hours in our office or work as freelancers over the internet. As a result we find ourselves sitting on our chairs for a large part of our day. Even if we take part in exercise or other physical activities for an hour of our day, it doesn’t give us the license to just sit around for the remaining day. The long-term effects of sitting on our chairs can be similar to that of an electric chair. Research has shown that sitting around for merely 2 hours can cancel out twenty minutes worth of exercise.

In addition to this it can also ruin our metabolism and as a result make us obese. Sitting around is also dangerous for our mental health and expose us to the risk of various diseases and health problems like high cholesterol, prolonged back pain, brain fog, diabetes, insomnia, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, muscle degeneration, swollen ankles and even cancer.



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