Important Diet Tips to Follow during Menstruation

Important Diet Tips to Follow during Menstruation

Menstruation is a painful experience that you have to undergo as a woman every single month until you hit menopause. When you menstruate you lose a lot of blood from your body. It is important during this phase to follow a diet that can ensure your good health. To know more about the best diet for a menstruating woman, read on. 

Consume Milk and Milk Products 
The consumption of milk and milk products is absolutely imperative if you are menstruating. The calcium component in milk will compensate for the loss of blood and iron in your body and replenish your body with the strength you need to go on with your day to day tasks. 

Follow High Protein Diet 
You should consider the idea of following a high protein diet comprising of fish, meat and eggs during menstruation. This too will give you the strength that you need to remain in good physical shape while your menstruation is on. 

Avoid Leafy Greens 
Try to avoid leafy green vegetables when you are menstruating. These can cause the cramps that you already suffer from at this point of time, to worsen. Period cramps are quite ghastly and there is no point in worsening these by any means at all. 

Do the Things that you Like 
Menstruation can bring on depression in women. Hence it would be a good idea to listen to soothing music or engage in activities you are fond of. 

Thus, if you take the above mentioned tips into consideration, you will be able to keep yourself physically comfortable and strong during the period of your menstruation. 


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