Healthy Lifestyle Through Diet And Nutrition

Healthy Lifestyle Through Diet And Nutrition

From diabetes to heart diseases, good diet and nutrition can reduce the risk of numerous chronic diseases and as a result save us from huge expenditures on medicines and therapy. Having an ideal weight is really important for our health because being under or over weight can put serious strain on our body and as a result our body won't be able to function properly.

A balanced diet is a great way of promoting good health. Ideally a balanced diet comprises of healthy and diverse foods. Research has shown that unhealthy eating habits can easily lead to a diseased body whereas eating a healthy diet can ensure good health. Our diet should consist of all the necessary nutrients that are needed to assist the metabolic functions of our body. 

A lack in ingestion of these nutrients can lead to a harmful accumulation of toxins within the body and as a result expose us to the risk of various chronic diseases in the long run. We should know that food is a really powerful drug as it can make us sick or aid in the proper functioning of critical body organs. A healthy and nutritious diet can not only help us maintain a healthy body but it can also reduce the risk of various diseases like cancer, heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis and diabetes.

It is important for us to consume a variety of healthy foods because a single food group cannot nourish the body properly as it won't posses all the required vital elements. There are five food groups and a healthy diet needs to incorporate all five of these groups to ensure that our body gets all the essential vitamins, minerals and dietary fibers that it requires.


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