Tired of Dieting – Try Crowding Out!

Tired of Dieting – Try Crowding Out!

Even if you are on a diet, there is no need, nor purpose for that matter, for you to be hungry. When dieting, many people restrict themselves from certain foods like sweats or snacks, and ultimately that is the only thing they think about. A good strategy is to fill your plate with healthy foods that will leave little room for junk food in addition to alleviating cravings. This strategy even has a name – it's called crowding out and many people are opting for this instead of a normal diet. 

If you decide to crowd out, this is what you should do: first of all, you have to love the foods you eat, or learn how to love them by preparing them in a delicious way. This can be difficult for people who are used to processed foods. But rest assured – when you get used to healthy food, the cravings will disappear. According to a European study, it takes approximately eight days for a person to get used to new eating habits. 

Do not be radical when introducing crowding out – start small. Replace salad dressing with avocado, and opt for lighter versions of sauce. Enjoy vegetables because you can have as many as you want as long as they are not starched. Have a scrambled egg or two with mushrooms, spinach, onions and so on. This is actually a lot of vegetables with just a little bit of egg holding it together. And remember – try to hang in there for 18 days and your effort might pay for life!

Photo attribution: Monali.mishra

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